Genezis mátrix 2 22 bináris opciókra.

genezis mátrix 2 22 bináris opciókra

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Plant regeneration from protoplast derived calli of rice Oryza sativa L. A rapid and robust assay for detection of s-phase cell cycle progression in plant cells and tissues by using ethynyl deoxyuridine. Development of in vitro techniques for the important medicinal plant Veratrum californicum.

Somatic embryogenesis and fertile green plant regeneration from suspension cell-derived protoplasts of rye Secale cereale L. Gene technology in the Hungarian plant biology research and crop improvement.

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Factors influencing plant regeneration from protoplasts isolated from long-term cell suspension culture of recalcitrant Indica rice cultivar IR Influence of media and growth regulators on somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration for production of primary triticales. Cereal Protoplasts.


Construction genezis mátrix 2 22 bináris opciókra rice actin-1 Act1 - based expression vectors for use in monocot transformation. Promoter diversity in multigene transformation. Functional analysis of six drought-inducible promoters in transgenic rice plants throughout all stages of plant growth. Analysis of five novel putative constitutive gene promoters in transgenic rice plants.

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Transformation of isolated barley Hordeum vulgare L. Timing of pretreatment and temperatures relative to results of bombardment. The Arabidopsis beta-carotene hydroxylase gene promoter for a strong constitutive expression of transgene.

Ajánlott irodalom[ szerkesztés ] Szia! Tudom, most már nem is röpdolgozat, hanem zárthelyi következik szombaton. De azért megoldottam a feladatot.

Targeted mutagenesis in the progeny of maize transgenic plants. Long-term gus expression from Gladiolus callus lines containing either a bar-uidA fusion gene or bar and uidA delivered on separate plasmids.

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Analysis of the phytochrome gene family in ceratodon purpureus by gene targeting reveals the primary phytochrome responsible for photo- and polarotropism. Plant Biotechnology: Transgenic Crops. Homologous recombination: a basis for targeted genome optimization in crop species such as maize. Effect of promoter driving selectable marker on corn transformation.

A bacterial haloalkane dehalogenase dhlA gene as conditional negative selection marker for rice callus cells. Transgenic rice plants expressing trichothecene 3-O-acetyltransferase show resistance to the Fusarium phytotoxin deoxynivalenol. Regeneration of transgenic plants from two indica rice Oryza sativa L. Reduced contamination by the Fusarium mycotoxin zearalenone in maize kernels through genetic modification with a detoxification gene. Recognition of a weak-context upstream-AUG codon in the AtMHX gene is facilitated by the secondary structure of the 5 ' untranslated region.

Possible suppression of exogenous beta-1,3-glucanase gene gluc78 on rice transformation and growth. In vivo visualization of F-actin structures during the development of the moss Physcomitrella patens.

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Indicated detection of two unapproved transgenic rice lines contaminating vermicelli products. Identification of long intergenic genezis mátrix 2 22 bináris opciókra sequences involved in maize streak virus replication. Expression of a synthetic neutralizing epitope of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus fused with synthetic B subunit of Escherichia coli heat labile enterotoxin in rice endosperm. Diverted secondary metabolism and improved resistance to european corn borer Ostrinia nubilalis in maize Zea mays L.

Use of Physcomitrella patens actin 5 ' regions for high transgene expression: importance of 5 ' introns.

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Morphological alteration caused by brassinosteroid insensitivity increases the biomass and grain production of rice. A fluorescent antibiotic resistance marker for rapid production of transgenic rice plants. Wheat transformation: current technology and applications to grain development and composition.

Transgenic wheat: where do we stand after the first 12 years?.

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Sugarcane biotechnology: The challenges and opportunities. Promoter of Arabidopsis thaliana phosphate transporter gene drives root-specific expression of transgene in rice.

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Production of fertile transgenic wheat plants by laser micropuncture. Matrix attachment region from the chicken lysozyme locus reduces variability in transgene expression and confers copy number-dependence in transgenic rice plants.

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Evidence for non-proteinaceous inhibitor s of beta-glucuronidase in wheat Triticum aestivum L. Controlled expression of recombinant proteins in Physcomitrella patens by a conditional heat-shock promoter: A tool for plant research and biotechnology. A test for ectopic exchange catalyzed by Cre recombinase in maize.

A rapid and efficient transformation protocol for the grass Brachypodium distachyon.

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